Hearing Aid Loop Installation

Sight and Sound Installation (SSi) has been installing Hearing Aid loop systems for more than 15 years.

hearing loop logoA hearing aid loop installation is required in all new public buildings and while the requirements do keep changing and being updated by legislation, SSi have stayed current with these hearing aid loop changes through training and a close association with our suppliers.

Hearing aid loops use a special type of amplifier to produce the inductive signal that is called a current amplifier. These hearing aid loop amplifiers are very different from a normal PA or AV amplifier and must be rated to supply the appropriate current required by the hearing aid loop system.

Generally hearing aid loops have specific design requirements such as hearing aid loop coverage and also hearing aid loop spill, which is the sound that leaves the desired hearing aid loop coverage area.

Using customised hearing aid loop designs such as phased loops and figure 8 patterns it is possible to make the hearing aid loops provide the specified and required loop coverage and minimise the hearing aid loop’s spill.

The hearing aid loop needs to be assessed based on some key factors:

  • hearing loop testerthe physical environment that the hearing aid loop needs to be installed into
  • the floor and ceiling material in the vicinity of the loop
  • the back ground noise or interference present in the coverage area of the hearing aid loop
  • the sound level required to be received at the hearing aid or hearing aid loop listening device
  • the frequency response of the hearing aid system
  • the proximity to other hearing aid loops
  • whether loop spill is a problem or not.

All senior staff have completed training courses in hearing aid loop design and hearing aid loop installation. We have a quality range of hearing aid loop test equipment and meters. SSi have great support and have built long term relationships with our suppliers in both products and complex hearing aid loop design for large venues or systems.

If you require assistance with a hearing aid loop system, from a simple single hearing aid loop for a small venue, room or even a counter top through to a large hearing aid loop design in either difficult rooms or where spill is an issue please contact our experienced staff.

listen caseSSi can also assist with alternative solutions for your hearing augmentation needs, such as IR or wireless systems. These are useful if hearing aid loops are difficult to install (due to concrete floors etc), or privacy and zero spill are important to your needs.

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