MATV System

Sight and Sound Installation is a family owned business that has been involved in the MATV industry since we were established in 1996.

MATV or Master Antenna Television System is used to supply multiple television outlets from a single antenna. Some MATV systems involve multiple buildings with an antenna on each building generally still feeding multiple outlets.

MATV can use co-ax cable as the backbone cabling or more recently using Fibre optic cabling for MATV infrastructure.

Sight and Sound Installations has extensive experience in both Co-ax MATV and Fibre MATV systems.

Our senior staff have advanced certificate training in MATV design, MATV Installation and MATV Commissioning.

MATV design has changed significantly since the introduction of digital television in Australia. Sight and Sound Installations have completed additional training and have the latest MATV test equipment and MATV Spectrum analysers to allow us to meet all new Australian standards for MATV design, MATV Installations and MATV commissioning.

All Sight and Sound Installations staff are endorsed under the Federal governments Digital Ready system for antenna design and Installation. This includes domestic and MATV commercial systems.

Sight and Sound Installations use products from Australia’s leading MATV equipment suppliers including Matchmaster Antennas, Hills Industries and Ikuzi.

Sight and Sound Installations have been privileged to provide MATV services for Government departments, nursing homes, hospitals, hotel / motels, clubs, schools, race tracks and MATV installs just about anywhere TV reception is required.

Sight and Sound Installations MATV design and installation are completed by well trained, experience staff with long term relationships within the MATV industries. Some staff has been completing MATV designs for over 20 years and we estimate we have completed in excess of 500 MATV designs and Installations.

If you require assistance with a MATV Installation, from a few outlets to multiple buildings please contact our experienced staff.