Security Camera Installation

Sight and Sound Installations is a family owned business that has been involved in the Security Camera Industry since we were established in 1996.

Security Cameras is a specialised part of the Security Industry. Some alarm or installation companies believe that they can complete security camera installation just because they have a security license.

Ssecurity camera installationight and Sound Installations believes that security camera installation requires a detailed understanding of both the technology of the security cameras and security hardware, and of the customer’s security requirements to get access to the data that is being stored. Having collected the security footage from the cameras the ability to store it, access it, replay and save the data across a network, or to an external device such as a tablet or smart phone is also very important.

Security camera selection is a very important step. Considerations include camera type, sensor resolution, low light or infra red capability, lens type and size, camera mounting, indoor/outdoor, BLC, AGC, auto focus, cable type and power supply. The output of a security camera can be composite, IP or TVI. Other issues which also play a very important role in long term reliability are installation quality, the power supply requirements and a UPS to protect against power loss.

Sight and Sound Installations has completed security camera installations in many building types for many clients over the years including Government departments, Clubs, Shops and Shopping Centres, Factories, Hotels and Caravan Parks.

security camera installation pacom logoAll senior staff have completed training courses in security products run by our major suppliers including Pacom.

Sight and Sound Installations can assist with security camera installation systems from small single camera installations to complex installations with 40 or more cameras being stored by multiple security servers.

Sight and Sound Installations can also provide security cameras with pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) control allowing for camera control from a remote location. Cameras, including HD cameras, can be connected either by installed Co-ax cable or by Cat 5 or Cat 6 cable, fibre optic cable or wireless technology.

If you require assistance with a security camera installations from a simple single camera being viewed on a screen to a large scale system with multiple cameras viewed on a multi-screen system and stored on a networked security servers, please contact our experienced staff.