Digital Modulators

Do you still have some TV services on Analogue TV?

The output of many TV services like Foxtel, Keno, Giddy-up and your In-House advertising were designed for analogue TVs.

In the age of Digital Television, this can lead to problems like:

  • The analogue picture quality deteriorating throughout the venue
  • Your staff needing to know how to switch every TV between analogue and digital mode
  • Keno, Foxtel and In-house being on different channels on each TV.
  • Many new TVs not showing the analogue services, as they don’t have an analogue tuner.

A Simple Solution!

Sight & Sound Installations, SSiSight & Sound Installations (SSi) are able to supply and install digital modulators for your analogue TV services. These modulators take the analogue signal and modulate it as a digital TV signal. SSi integrate these digital signals into your TV system. This allows all digital TVs to receive all services in digital quality.

The Advantages

Not only does this future proof you against new TVs not being able to show your analogue services, it also allows every TV to have the same channel number plan. For example, every TV will have Foxsport 1 on digital channel 101 – when selected, it will even display “Foxsport 1” on the screen for easy channel identification.

Installation Options

Most installations require at least one quad input digital modulator.

digital modulatorsA quad input digital modulator allows up to four existing analogue TV services to be distributed as a Digital TV channel. Typically a quad input digital modulator would be used for three Foxtel services and either In-House or Keno. All these services should be physically located reasonably close together – like in the same rack or cupboard.

If the services are currently installed in various locations, then using several single input modulators may be required.

Example: Three Foxtel decoders are located together, but the Keno computer and the In-house computer are in different locations. A quad input digital decoder could be used for the three Foxtel decoders, while one single input digital modulator could be used for Keno and another one for In-house.

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