Ulladulla Civic Centre

The renovation of the Ulladulla Civic Centre was the perfect opportunity for the Shoalhaven City Council to update the PA system at the Centre. Sight & Sound Installations (SSi) was initially involved in guiding the Council through the process of determining the end-users requirements for the PA system in the Centre. With a wide variety of users and requirements, it was decided to install a relatively simple system for most of the users, with the infrastructure and ability to integrate larger mixers and auxiliary equipment as required.

SSi SSi R4/R8 Speakers at Ulladulla Civic Centrethen won the tender to supply and install the sound system. In consultation with one of our suppliers, Sound Choice Pro Audio, we determined to install a double stack of their R4/R8W speakers on each side of the stage for FOH audio.  These were connected to a Marani DPA440A Matrix processor which handles the routing, EQ and dynamics for the system.

The general system consists on a simple 8 channel mixer. Four stage inputs are connected to this mixer, as well as DVD, MP3, computer audio and two wireless microphones. Foldback speakers are connected to the music inputs only to allow dancers and performers hear their backing tracks while performing on stage.

A 32/8 multi-core is installed from the stage to a floor box towards the rear of the hall for connecting larger mixers. These user-supplied mixers can be connected to the FOH speakers, or to external amps and speakers using the return lines of the multi-core.

The back of house is covered with a separate amplifier driving speakers in the foyer, green rooms and toilets.

Hearing augmentation was accomplished using an RF system allowing users to sit anywhere in the main hall and receive a clear signal from the sound system to their personal receivers.  The receivers can drive either a set of headphones or a personal neck-lass loop to use with the user’s hearing aid.

SSi installed Motorised porjector liftSSi were also asked to provide for the AV requirements. In the main hall, a motorised projector lift and motorised screen were specified. HDMI connections to the projector are available from the stage as well the PA control point in the hall. SSi also supplied and installed LCD screens for use around the Library and Visitors Centre, which are integrated with the Civic Centre.






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