Sight and Sound Installations (SSi) is a family owned business that has been involved in the television antenna and satellite industry since we were established in 1996.

If you live in VAST disha recognised poor reception area you may have access to the VAST satellite service to provide you with quality free to air digital reception on the VAST system.

VAST or Viewer Access Satellite Television is provided by the Government and is designed to provide free to air television for people in regional and remote areas who have poor or no terrestrial television reception.

The VAST service provides all the terrestrial network programming of Nine, Seven, Ten, ABC and SBS.

VAST is a cost effective solution for a lot of people who have poor off air television reception.

SSi have extensive experience in satellite installations with over 15 years of completing installations in Australia and internationally. We have completed VAST installations to a number of Shoalhaven homes and businesses with great results.

The VAST system will work from a satellite signal requiring a small satellite dish aligned to receive the VAST signal and this will go via a quad screen co-ax cable into a dedicated VAST satellite receiver.

If you have multiple televisions additional VAST satellite receivers can be used to accommodate this. Many of the VAST receivers are now coming with a PVR in built allowing for recording of the programs from the VAST system as well.

VAST decoder

SSi have the experience, training and VAST digital test equipment to complete your VAST system with professionalism and quality to give great results for years to come.

For all your VAST requirements please contact our staff and let us prepare a VAST system to meet your needs.