PA System Installation

Sight and Sound Installations (SSi) is a family owned business that has been involved in the PA System industry since we were established in 1996.

PA system installation or PA has two meanings. The most common is Public Address and the second meaning for PA is Professional Audio. SSi prides itself on completing professional installation of all its PA systems so we believe it means Professional Public Address installations.

12 inch speakerSSi have completed hundreds of PA system installations from the most basic PA system horn speaker or PA ceiling speaker installation through to PA systems in large scale auditorium and multi zoned PA system installations.

The major focus of SSi is on the integration of these PA systems to make sure that they meet the audio requirements and also the operational requirements of the PA system owner. A PA system that is too complex to use will never provide a good PA system for the client.

PA system installations must work with multiple inputs and sources and provide a quality sound to all the PA’s intended coverage area. Another important factor for a PA system is the spill of the PA system or the amount of sound that is going to an area that doesn’t require PA coverage, maybe a neighbour or adjacent room. A good PA system installation minimises spill and reflection and the PA system is more efficient and clearer.

SSi larger PA installations are all tested using electronic test equipment allowing us to check the PA system with both audible and electronic systems to confirm that the PA installation is working as designed.

SSi have installed PA systems in schools, churches, offices, factories, retirement villages, community centres, race tracks and many other places requiring clear audio reproduction.

All senior staff have completed training courses in PA products run by our major suppliers including Hills SVL and Sound Choice Pro Audio.

If you require assistance with a PA system, from a simple PA to a fully functional large scale PA in an auditorium please contact our experienced staff.degra 100

PA Installations

The renovation of the Ulladulla Civic Centre was the perfect opportunity for the Shoalhaven City Council to update the PA system at the Centre. Sight & Sound Installations (SSi) was initially involved in guiding the Council through the process of determining the end-users requirements for the PA system in the Centre. With a wide variety […]
This school has a new gym made of tilt slab construction which presented a large space with very poor acoustics.  Previous sound systems allowed the school to use the front half of the building only as the sound was incomprehensible in the back half of the room. In consultation with one of our supply partners, […]